The CEKAL 2022 conference was held in Batimat!

Videos of the CEKAL conference

Videos of the CEKAL conference
Hello everyone,

The CEKAL conference was held in Batimat on 5 October on the theme:
            "Climate issues, circular economy, recycling:
                               certified glazing is involved"
Watch the videos of the different speakers:
(The videos are in French)

Speech by Bertrand Cazes
Secretary General of Glass for Europe
EU climate commitments:
Fit for 55 ; Carbon Border Adjustment for Climate (CBAM).

Speech by Catherine Juillard
Director of Institutional Relations and Sustainable Building at Velux France
Circular economy of joinery and glazing:
Concrete initiative on the ground and link to industry decarbonization.

Speeches by Nelly Philipponnat and Jérôme Carrié
President and Secretary General of CEKAL
The durability of CEKAL certified glazing:
Core contribution to the energy performance of buildings.

October 2022