Coated glass

Coated glasses
Coated glass is an industrial glass product onto which metal oxides are sprayed in the form of thin coatings (0.01 µm to 0.8 µm). The coating is thus composed of a stack of sub-coatings of different types and thicknesses. It modifies the behavior of the glass with respect to solar radiation, in the visible and infrared domains. On distinguishes between pyrolitic and magnetron coatings. The latter can only be used on the internal surface of insulating glazing.
Use in CEKAL-certified glazing
Controls :
Coated glass must have been subjected to:
  • a long ageing test with UVs in insulating glazing (by "attachment type" for trimmed coatings; by “stack family” for non-trimmed coatings),
  • for trimmed coatings, a compatibility test (short test called the "yogurt pot" test) by "stack family" with the mastic sealant concerned.
*Hot-melt mastic sealants are exempt.
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  • The presence of the letter "A" under the "Status" heading (for example DAC, DA) in each product sheet attests to its authorization for use in CEKAL-certified insulating glazing,
  • he product sheet also indicates the emissivity value to be used to certify the thermal performance (Ug) of the insulating glazing.