Patterned and acid-etched glass

patterned glass
  • Definition
Patterned glass is manufactured by rolling molten glass between two rollers. Depending on the pattern on the roller surface, one or two surfaces of the glass are patterned. 
It is translucid. This glass is used when the objective is to bring in light without being able to see through the glass. It is possible to achieve decorative effects by varying the surface patterns.
  • Used in CEKAL-certified glazing
No particular requirement for use on the external surface. For use on the internal surface, the patterned glass must have been subjected to long ageing test(s) with UVs in insulating glazing, as per the CEKAL rule (or have been accepted as more favorable than a product already tested).

Prior qualification : the "patterned glass"qualification required may be obtained during an inspection visit.
Constituent monitoring : no special measure.