Constituents listed and monitored

Glazing is manufactured using constituents (glass panes, mastic sealants, spacers, etc.). Glazing quality, durability and performance depend partially on the constituents used to manufacture it. 
All constituents must have passed the tests required by the applicable harmonized European standard (if necessary).

In order to be used in CEKAL-certified glazing, a constituent must first have been registered by CEKAL. This registration is essentially based on:

- the result of a test performed on the constituent in the glazing, as per the CEKAL regulation,

- qualification tests performed on the constituent by a third-party organization (recognized by CEKAL). *
* In the absence of monitoring by a third-party organization, certified centres can perform the tests on the constituents themselves.
-Once registered, the constituent is then subjected to:

- tests in glazing, in the context of the certification follow-up tests,

- external monitoring by the same third party organization**.

The registration of a constituent may be challenged due to non-compliant test results in glazing, or if (an) anomaly(ies) is (are) reported by the third-party organization.
** The purpose of conformity monitoring is to detect possible modifications of the constituent.

Certified production centres (or those in the process of certification) may check the lists of the constituents currently registered under the headings on the left.

Certain constituents on these lists can be used without any prior formality if the centre meets the indicated conditions. 
If the constituent is not on the list or if the production centre does not meet the conditions, a request for authorization must be sent to CEKAL.
The general secretariat then conducts the appropriate verifications (existence of test results, etc.) and indicates the necessary procedures to follow.