CEKAL marking of laminated glazing

Certified laminated glazing is marked in the following sequence: 
Mandatory marking of certified glazing
Trademark or company name Manufacturing reference  Production site Glazing families Optional performances indicators*
LAMINATED G PERIOD (1) CEKAL 999 ACO 1B1             P1A
(1)facultative, the manufacturing reference is or the manufacturing period, or a product identification number *Indicative

These statements are attached either on a label or on the delivery note, and always on the invoice. For fixed measurements, they can also be affixed to the product.
  •  Glazing families
Mandatory for acoustic or stiff intrelayers (ACO for acoustic, RGD for stiff, or differentiated by a specific brand name).
  • Optional performance indicators
According to standards EN 12600 and EN 356.

The marking sequence also appears on the certificate, issued to the production centre, which authorises it to mark CEKAL on glazing that complies with the certification requirements.
The certificate specifies the scope of certification: the certified glazing family or families, the types of glazing subject to specific monitoring, and the assembly processes.