CE marking

The glazing is subject to harmonized European standards whose application is mandatory and under the responsibility of each manufacturer. It is up to the national authorities to verify compliance with these standards.
The requirements of the European standards concerning the internal controls on the production sites are an integral part of CEKAL certification. Furthermore, CEKAL performs spot checks to verify the existence of the initial type tests (ITT) and quality system.
CEKAL certification uses this foundation of European requirements as a basis to go even further with its own standard and its enforcement.
CEKAL's added value is fueled by:
  • the periodic inspections by third parties (Measurement and Verification Bodies - MVBs),
  • the obligation to indelibly mark the glazing (insulating and tempered glazing)
  • the definition of glazing usage conditions (specifications, additional type of glazing),
  • its constituent conformity monitoring,
  • the definition of performance levels (thermal, acoustic and safety classes),
  • a high level of durability (glazing tests with climatic cycles and UV insolation cycles).

The various standards about durability and/or quality are the following : (www.afnor.fr)
  • basic products: sodium-calcium siliscat glass (EN 572)
  • insulating glazing (EN 1279)
  • laminated glazing (EN 12543, EN 14449)
  • tempered glazing and  HST tempered glazing (EN 12150, EN 14179)