The "En savoir plus (Read more)" button gives access to a detailed price list. It is important to distinguish between:
  • the costs associated with achieving the certification and the costs of maintaining it,
  • the costs of CEKAL and those of the MVBs.
    • The CEKAL membership fees finance:
      • certification management (decisions, certificates, standards, commissions, website, etc...),
      • promotion (advertising, conferences,  the " "Equip'BAie" trade fair, press coverage, movies...),
      • research (laboratory tests).
      The CEKAL membership fees are set every year by the General Assembly.
    • The MVB costs finance:
      • the inspection visits,
      • the laboratory tests.
      The MVB prices are negotiated by the representatives of the production centres, and re-assessed each year in accordance with an engineering index (September to September). The codes for these prices are used in the quotes and invoices sent to the manufacturers.