Tempered glazing

Cekal certification for heat treated glazing has been in existence since 2001. To date it only applies to tempered glazing and HST tempered glazing. Hardened glazing is not covered. The centres that have received certification mark their certified tempered glazing in accordance with a defined sequence. 
1. Certification procedure
In principle the procedure includes 1 to 2 “qualification” visits to the site by an inspector, along with qualification tests on the site. These qualification tests are the fragmentation test and the mechanical strength test (4 point flexion, surface stress or other test).

Once the certificate has been granted, the follow-up consists of 1 visit per year, with follow-up tests on site (fragmentation and mechanical strength).
2. Duration of the certification procedure
The duration of the procedure depends on the number of visits and the dates of the meetings of the Certification Committee (or the emergency commission).
3. Technical certification rules (www.cekal.com, referential, technical requirements, laminated glazing, "find out more" button, chapter 10)
We recommend that you read Chapter 10 of the technical requirements, concerning internal tests and inspections (in the production centre). These tests and inspections comply with standard EN 12150-2, with a few specific points in addition.
Note that the 1st visit provides you with an opportunity to ask questions. All of the relevant documents from your production site must include at least a short translation in English or French. The language of the visits is also French or English.
4. Insurance
A civil liability insurance certificate must be sent to us prior to issue of the certification.
5. How to start the procedure?
You must first send us :
- the certification contract, including a commitment to comply with the certification rules. It is not necessary to choose your status immediately.
- the request form

Once these documents have been received, an inspector will be appointed, and you may contact him to set the date for the qualification visit, during which the samples will be taken for the tests.
6. Cost
Cekal calls upon measurement and verification bodies to carry out the inspections and tests. The inspection and visit costs are to be paid to this body. The membership fees are to be paid to Cekal.

Initial certification including:
  • Measurement and verification body: - 1 visit (+ travel expenses outside of France*) - administrative costs
  • CEKAL: TG entry rights (1600 to 2080€).
*you can make the necessary reservations (to be decided with the inspector).

Annual cost including:
  • Measurement and verification body: - 1 visit (+ travel expenses outside of France)  - "technical assistance*"
  • CEKAL:  fixed annual fee (1600 to 2080 € per year) and variable TG fee based on the total tempered glazing production of the site intended for construction (16 € per 1000 m2 per year**)

*applicable to MIA and NMA statuses  **not applicable the 1st year, limited to 500,000m2 the following years  Note: fees are set by CEKAL's Board of Directors and General Assembly,

The Measurement and Verification Body will send you a quote (in compliance with the attached price list). The cost essentially varies according to the location of your site (time spent and travel costs).

The certification process officially starts after you have accepted the quote received from the Measurement and Verification Body. This quote must use the codes indicated in the current price list.