Certification in brief

  • CEKAL : THE ESSENTIALS .The purpose of CEKAL certification is to certify the quality of insulating, laminated and tempered glazing supplied by manufacturers who hold a certificate.
  • How can I be sure that glazing has been certified?
    Insulating and tempered glazing is certified when it carries the CEKAL mark on the glass or the inter-glass spacer. Insist on CEKAL marking.
  • What are the advantages of CEKAL marking?
    • Mandatory: durability as legally required
    • Possible: suitability for specific applications (IG, etc)
As an indication, the production centre can add optional performances indicators ( thermal, acoustic ...).

Manufacturers undertake to:
  • Carry out the daily internal checks required by the CEKAL guidelines.
  • Accept the external checks required by CEKAL, performed by recognised laboratories (CSTB, CEBTP, LNE, ift Rosenheim).
  • Send CEKAL the annual manufacturer liability insurance certificate.

A few essential recommendations:
  • Inform your supplier of your requirements in terms of thermal, acoustic performance, etc.
  • Make sure that the order form states that the glazing is certified by CEKAL and specifies the performance rating.
  • Check that the insulating glazing supplied bears the CEKAL mark.